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The client’s experiences are nothing short of astounding, identifying what keeps you in an old repeating pattern in one session..

01. Strategic

Know the trigger: Fear and panic, in particular, have the potential to “get very problematic” as they become a reaction versus a response. Anger affects a person’s daily life and causes them to react or say things they often regret. Sadness can be a reminder of our heart’s desires. 

02. Physical

Understand the trigger: How long-term emotions like sadness can create unexplained health issues,  like sleeplessness, increased pain, weakened immune system, and disrupt the central nervous system. Is your physical pain response to your not acknowledging your emotional state?

03. Awareness

Defuse the trigger: Understanding how emotions control us and how they can ultimately drive our decisions for lack of decision; allows us to shift that emotion that may be keeping us from achieving our desired outcomes. It does not change the past, but this knowledge will enhance the future! 

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

You are about to discover some crucial information about yourself and your life. You will never be the same after this first session. Be prepared for a better life from now on.  Just one session is always life-changing!


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Martha Bio…


As a complex trauma survivor, Martha navigated through her life situations and finds purpose in providing a safe space for her clients to do the same by reviewing their mental distress so they may resurface feeling whole and authentic in how they show up in life.

Having experienced her own childhood trauma from 4 to 14 years of age, gives Martha a unique perspective on being of service. She believes lasting change only happens when we learn how our story limits our perspective on our life. That perspective keeps us playing small rather than knowing we are capable of whatever we want.  Martha believes that as we heal, we strip away layers that shield us from our true essence and we tap into the inner wisdom, the unmet potential and creativity that has always been there.

Clients report significant improvements in their relationships, with their finances, as well as their health and so begins their healing journey from the inside out. Martha partners with her clients and as they become more conscious of their life stories, she helps connect her clients with their inner wisdom. This allows them to release what does not serve them and opens the door for the life they have always wanted. 

In her over 15 years of educational, holistic healing modalities, Martha has been certified as an Aromatherapist, Bach Flower Practitioner, Herbalist, an Energetic Alchemist, Loomis Enzyme Specialist, Reiki Master, and other Energy Medicine modalities.  She has empowered countless clients to be active in their own healing.

One of Martha’s many modalities is a unique, powerful method of reprogramming the mind and body. This process permanently releases negative emotions or subconscious imprints from specific or isolated traumas or situational life experiences. If these traumas go unresolved, a person is stuck in repeating similar unwanted relationships and life situations, over and over again, creating more negative experiences and continuing these undesirable cycles.  

Why the Goran Technique…

Martha worked in the corporate environment until she became dissatisfied with her lack of personal purpose. She moved into a business consultant role in 2005. At that pivotal moment, she realized that helping people to be well is what she truly desires. 

Martha didn’t have a normal childhood. At a young age, she was molested. During her grade school years, influential people around her put her down in a verbal way by doubting her capabilities and comparing her to her siblings. At 22, she was married to whom she thought was her soul mate, and with his infidelity, found herself divorced after the infamous 7-year itch. At 36, she experienced significant loss; her mother passing away. In 2010, she lost eight more people, including family members, best friends, and other close relatives. Throughout the years, she was able to rise above her circumstances using traditional methods of therapy. She successful work through much of her life trauma. Her story may sound hopeless to some, but it was different for Martha. She used these life experiences as pivotal moments in her life to grow. 


Betrayal definition is - the act of betraying someone or something or the fact of being betrayed : violation of a person's trust or confidence, of a moral standard

Wanting to write a book, in January of 2020, she took a class to understand her inability to take action on this goal. Martha was so impressed with the Goran Technique, also known as the Seven Steps to Reprogramming Yourself, that she added this certification to her repertoire and began using it in her own coaching practice. Now, as life coach and has been helping others conquer their trauma and losses in life, just like she did for herself, however shortening the process, with lasting results.

The results she and her client’s experience are nothing short of amazing. Within just one session, you can identify what is keeping you in the old repeating pattern; you can start shifting your emotions and release what has been blocking you, with the end goal of having the life of your dreams.

Martha desires to help people realize that they can change their own life. She has seen people completely change their life trajectory within days, weeks, and months. Versus spending a ton of money and being heavily dependent on someone else that can take years.

How Bach Flowers Support Emotional Healing 

In her recent endeavor, she created a mobile application to assist with emotional release. The mobile app is called Try Bach Flowers. Bach Flower Remedies were discovered in the 1930′s by Dr. Edward Bach, a British physician, and pioneer in his field. Dr. Bach felt something was missing in the conventional medicine: as they only treated the physical body.

The patient may still have a mental state of distress, and the recovery period was either longer or not at all. It was apparent that other patients with a more positive outlook on life experienced a quicker recovery. Dr. Bach identified 38 flower essences that assist in emotional balancing.

The Try Bach Flowers ISO app (or at Google play) or website Try Bach Flowers can help you determine the best flower essence for you in multiple ways. You can look at your current circumstances, something you would like to achieve, or perhaps based on an emotional state, like being overly fearful, judgmental, or bitter, to name a few. Maybe there is something that you would like to achieve in your life.

She has just added a section for pets. Try Bach Flower Essences are pretty unique for situations when you have a dog acting out poorly, over barking, scratching, or over licking that causes skin irritations. Bach flowers are a fantastic tool to support you, your family, and your pets as you improve your overall life. 

Visualize yourself being free and feeling self-confident and excited about every aspect of your life.

Seriously, don’t wait. Your life is waiting for you! Set yourself free I will show you how to erase the pain, so you don’t have those “over-the-top reactions” to a situation …that at times even you are unable to explain.

Sure, you will always have the memory of that event, but I will help you remove the barrier you created, and together we will set you free to live the life you always wanted and deserve. Book your session today at marthabowers.com!

You deserve to be free!

Martha Bowers

you don’t have to stay where you are… It’s never too late. – to have the life of your dreams!  ~ Martha Bowers 

Learn more about Goran Technique, also known as the Seven Steps to Reprogramming Yourself.

Martha Bowers

Martha Bowers

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