What they are saying...

I had some unexplained physical pain and loss of range of motion in both my elbow and neck.  I had not had a specific injury that caused the inflammation and pain after going to the doctors, and Doctor stated they were unable to identify the source of the issue.   I decided to try a non-traditional method.   After the first session of working with Martha, my neck pain was gone entirely, leaving me with just minor soreness, and my arm was 90% better.  After the second session, my elbow’s pain was gone entirely, again leaving me with marginal soreness.  It was hard to understand what had happened, but all that I can tell you is that works! 




I had been unemployed for over 2 ½ years; my biggest issue was that I struggle with the interview process.  I would get in the interview and freeze up.   Upon leaving the interview, I would have all of the answers flow to my mind.  This cycle was incredibly frustrating.  At the time I started working with Martha, I had not had an interview in six months.

After my very first session with Martha, I had called for an interview the very next day.  After my third session, I had a call for an interview.  The caller explained to me that they wanted to hire me.  I asked, “when I need to interview?” and the response was, “We do not need to interview you. We are hiring you based on your resume”. 

 I was blown away.  I have never gotten a job without interviewing.  I am so grateful to Martha as she helped me remove the block that I had created, and not having to interview was a huge bonus!  Thank you again!


Computer Technician