What they are saying...

I had some unexplained physical pain and loss of range of motion in both my elbow and neck.  I had not had a specific injury that caused the inflammation and pain after going to the doctors, and Doctor stated they were unable to identify the source of the issue.   I decided to try a non-traditional method.   After the first session of working with Martha, my neck pain was gone entirely, leaving me with just minor soreness, and my arm was 90% better.  After the second session, my elbow’s pain was gone entirely, again leaving me with marginal soreness.  It was hard to understand what had happened, but all that I can tell you is that works!


Russ, CA 4/2020

I had no idea what to expect when I started working with Martha, but I immediately felt safe in her care. She creates a positive atmosphere to heal, and I’ve felt lighter after each session. In fact, I sleep so much better after working with her. I highly recommend Martha and this transformative work.


Susan Kenny 10/2020

I had a wonderful experience with Martha! She walked me through the “7 steps to reprogramming yourself” with a very easy to understand process. She helped me reframe the situation that was giving me anxiety until I felt complete relief all during her session. She also provided me with very powerful affirmations that I utilize daily. I will definitely be back for more healing. Thank you Martha!


Morgan Barnhart 6/2021

I had been unemployed for over 2 ½ years; my biggest issue was that I struggle with the interview process.  I would get in the interview and freeze up.   Upon leaving the interview, I would have all of the answers flow to my mind.  This cycle was incredibly frustrating.  At the time I started working with Martha, I had not had an interview in six months.

After my very first session with Martha, I had called for an interview the very next day.  After my third session, I had a call for an interview.  The caller explained to me that they wanted to hire me.  I asked, “when I need to interview?” and the response was, “We do not need to interview you. We are hiring you based on your resume”.

I was blown away.  I have never gotten a job without interviewing.  I am so grateful to Martha as she helped me remove the block that I had created, and not having to interview was a huge bonus!  Thank you again!


Computer Technician 5/2020

“I can definitely say I feel like a new person after just one session with Martha. She was able to help me process my anxiety and figure out where in my body my anxiety stems from which has been life-changing for me”

Rebekah Young. 12/2020